Meet Tim, a former athlete who turned to Joggo 6 months ago as a solution to get back in shape and look good for his brother’s wedding. Tim began his running for health journey at level one, starting with walking and gradually progressing. Now at level 8, he’s transformed into a dedicated runner, enjoying both the process and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it.

But it’s not just about looking good – his three children and a desire to live a long, healthy life are Tim’s real motivators for staying fit. Read Tim’s story and learn about his journey from a beginner to a dedicated runner and the positive impact running for health has had on his life.

Joggo: Hi Tim! So, first things first – when did you start running, and what motivated you to begin?

Tim: I started running with Joggo about 6 months ago. I was motivated to lose weight for my brother’s wedding – I wanted to look good in the wedding photos, and that’s when I came across the app. I was a former athlete in high school and college, but after having kids, I stopped taking care of myself as much. So, I began with Joggo at the very first level, starting with walking and gradually progressing.

J: Where are you in the process now? Have you noticed any improvement?

T: Absolutely – I’m at level 8 now, which involves running for pretty much every workout. My runs vary from 30 to 45 minutes. In the beginning, I couldn’t run at all, so I started walking. I experienced foot pain initially, but it went away as I progressed. Sometimes, after completing a 30-minute running workout, I feel like I could run for another 30 minutes. It’s fascinating to see myself transform into a runner, as I never was one before.

J: Do you enjoy the run itself, or is it more about the sense of accomplishment that comes afterward?

T: I’d say it’s both. I enjoy the run itself and look forward to putting my headphones in and just going for it. I do most of my runs outside, even in winter – in February, I was running in a hoodie and sweatpants, taking a break from whatever was happening that day. But also, in the end, when I record my results and note if it was easy or difficult, I genuinely appreciate that sense of accomplishment.

J: You mentioned wanting to look good for your brother’s wedding. Are there other reasons you picked up running?

T: Health reasons, definitely. I have three children, and I want to live a long, healthy life. I just turned 40 and was looking for something to jumpstart this decade. I run for mental clarity and to keep my mind sharp. It’s a way to exercise my whole body and keep my heart healthy.

J: Many people find it challenging to start running for health or continue once they have. One of Joggo’s driving principles is to keep beginner runners motivated. Do you feel the app helps you with that?

T: I really appreciate features like the halfway voice prompt during the runs. It informs me of my progress and motivates me to keep going. I also love the running and workout reminders and notifications like “Run like no one’s watching.” It’s crucial when you’re just getting started, especially if you’re overweight and out of shape and feel self-conscious.

J: Have you noticed any changes in your body, energy level, or mental health since you started running with Joggo?

T: I’ve definitely lost weight. I used to weigh myself 2–3 times a week at school, but now I’m taking a break from the scale for the summer. However, I’ve started hearing friends and family say, “Wow, I saw a picture of you 6 months ago, and it’s quite the transformation.” Also, my energy level has increased during the day, and I sleep better at night.

J: Have you tried any other apps before Joggo?

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T: No, Joggo is my first. I came across it on the Google Play store and thought it was cost-effective. And then I stuck with it, and the ball was rolling. I gained momentum, and now I look forward to those runs and workouts. 

J: Do you have any specific features of the app that you like the most?

T: I read all the articles on my recovery days. I stick with stretching before and after running, and I like all the workouts, especially strength exercises, and the free-run feature. I also really like the assessments and how the app works with my results. I complete the assessment, and the following Monday, I either get a new level or the workouts change based on how I did on that assessment run. 

J: That’s great to hear. Giving a sense of accomplishment to beginners as they progress through different levels is one of the things we’re aiming for at Joggo. Would you recommend the app to others?

T: I have already! I’ve recommended it to family and friends. I have some friends who are runners, and I’ve suggested they try Joggo, as they can set whatever level they’re at right now and add some variety to their existing workouts. 

In my case, I’ve never been a runner, but I am now. It’s a progression, and the app will get you running when you are ready. 

J: Thanks for talking to us, Tim. Good luck with the rest of your journey! 

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Chris Zibutis

Chris Zibutis is the Head Running Coach and founder of Joggo – that one person on earth who loves interval runs.  He holds a degree from Copenhagen Business School and is an avid runner – having participated in numerous marathons and triathlons, Chris brings substantial fitness and running experience to the Joggo team.