Meet Gina, a mother of four who has been running consistently for 8 years, ever since the birth of her first daughter. Once an overweight child, she found her passion for running and made it an integral part of her life.

When her previous running program shut down, she discovered Joggo and fell in love with its structured approach and conditioning exercises. Read Gina’s story to learn how Joggo has helped her achieve her goals and the impact running has had on her mental health and overall well-being.

Joggo: Hi Gina! Could you tell us a bit about your running journey?

Gina: Well, I started running when I was in middle school. I was an overweight child, so I was always out of place in the running group. I remember getting the fastest mile in the 7th grade while I was probably double the size of all the girls. But I really started picking up my running after I had my first daughter Scarlett. She’s 8 now, so I’ve been running consistently for 8 years. I love it!

J: How did you find Joggo, and how do you use it?

G: I was with Charge Running, but they shut down, so I needed a new plan. I’m a person who’s lazy by nature. I need someone to tell me when I need to run, how long to run for, and that’s just how I operate. But I don’t like going to gyms. I prefer to work out from home. Also, I was always running outside anyway. I don’t like treadmills because you’re not going anywhere. So I just needed a plan to start running consistently again. I have four kids, and I always take little breaks in between running. So I always start from ground zero and slowly build up anytime I start running again. 

J: Do you have a specific goal you want to reach right now?

G: I’m not someone who runs organized races just because of the cost. I can run a 10K in my neighborhood for free. But I do have my goals, like time and speed. Working on my pace has been a tough one. I never really focused on it until I got into speed workouts. What I really love about the Joggo app is that you guys throw these conditioning exercises in the mix. You do a light run for 15 minutes. Then you do a sprint and then some squats or lunges in between. This app really kicks my butt!

J: This is what we aim to do. We try to spice it up a bit and help people, especially beginners, to prepare for running. 

G: Yes, I used to just run for an hour 4 days a week, but adding in the conditioning exercises has been great. At the moment, I am doing a program where I do 4 days a week. I hate Tuesdays because this is the nitty gritty workout day, where I’m doing the squats, the lunges, and the sprints. And it just looks like I’ve showered outside. I have to message my friends in the neighborhood and tell them that if they see me lying on the ground – I’m fine. It’s just the glute bridges!  

J: What are your running goals? Do you think about weight loss, improving speed, or mental health?

G: My running window is always early in the morning because I have a lot of kids, and I need that endorphin boost not to be angry. My husband calls it “the happy antidote.” Once you get your run done, you’re a happier person. I struggle with anxiety and depression, and running consistently helps a ton. I also had diabetes when I was pregnant with all my kids, which increases the risk of it later in life. So, knowing my preexisting conditions, I decided to do the work now so I don’t have to pay for it later. Even when I’m pregnant, I will run, too. I just love it. I get in my zone. I have my music on, and my playlist is just insane. 

J: How long have you been running consistently with Joggo? 

G: I’ve been on Joggo for 2 months now.

J: Are there any other running apps you’ve tried besides Charge Running?

G: No. I found you guys on the App Store and plugged in. It was super easy. I get a schedule, and I’m told what days I need to run – it’s great.

J: Could you tell us a little about your progress these 2 months? Have you seen any changes in how you feel and look or the distance you cover?

G: Yes, definitely. With the added conditioning workouts, I’m noticing more toning in my body overall. I’m not focusing on weight, and I try to avoid the scale because I’m pretty sure my body muscle mass is up with running and the conditioning workouts I’m doing. And if the scale is showing high, I don’t think it’s an accurate read. But if my clothes fit better, I know I’m doing something right. I focus on proper nutrition before and after my runs. And when I have a long run, I know I can treat myself. I can have a bag of popcorn the night before or chocolate milk after my run. I also tie in other rewards. Even showering and washing my hair after my long run on Thursday is a little reward I look forward to. 

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J: Did you break through the “glass wall” when you initially found running boring and not so enjoyable?

G: Oh, yes. My neighborhood is broken up by so many different hills, and that’s how I usually break down my workouts. Usually, the first 6 minutes of my run are slightly uphill, and it’s awful. But once that wall is broken, it’s smooth sailing. And then you get that “runner’s high,” and I honestly could probably go for miles. So I strive to get to that point and repeat to myself, “Okay, you can do anything for 6 minutes. This is not gonna kill me, I can do it.” 

J: Would you recommend Joggo to others?

G: Yes, absolutely.

J: Is there a specific type of person you think Joggo fits the most?

G: Joggo really helps the unmotivated. I am someone who doesn’t want to disappoint by not showing up – I feel guilty if I miss an appointment or a catch-up with friends. So when I see a run notification from Joggo and pass it up, I feel bad the whole day. The app helped me to become a habitual runner. And doing strength workouts was crucial for me. I’ve noticed that going uphill isn’t as hard anymore because I’m building that muscle in my thighs, my glutes, and my calves, so that uphill is not as bad. 

J: Do you have a favorite feature of Joggo?

G: I love the ability to add your runtime straight to your calendar, so when I get a notification pop-up, I know it’s time to go.

J: Thanks, Gina. It’s been great talking to you!

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Chris Zibutis

Chris Zibutis is the Head Running Coach and founder of Joggo – that one person on earth who loves interval runs.  He holds a degree from Copenhagen Business School and is an avid runner – having participated in numerous marathons and triathlons, Chris brings substantial fitness and running experience to the Joggo team.