Do you love to run? When it comes to naming the ideal cardio exercises, running is the most effective and high-yielding activity. It not only helps in toning your muscles and managing your weight but also improves your cardiovascular health.

It is easy to learn to love running if you are not already a big fan of it. With regular practice and persistence, you can achieve the goal of running regularly. Initially, it will be fun to run, but after a few minutes, you will be exhausted and want to quit.

Well, that’s the time when you need to show patience the most. To make the process further easier, you need to add something interesting to your running. You can either plug in your earphones, listen to music, or take your running session to serene outdoor spaces.

So, whether you love or don’t love running, it will be a matter of days that you will start getting fond of this cardio exercise that is highly beneficial for your health.

How Long Does It Take to Love Running?

Well, it varies from person to person. There is no estimated time period to fall in love with running. It depends on your patience and persistence that determines the time taken to love running.

If you adopt a systematic way to achieve your goals, you can easily learn to love running. Typically, it won’t take more than a month to create a schedule for yourself and practice running every day. The best way to love running is through creating a step-by-step approach that makes your goal easily achievable.

So, are you ready to fall in love with running and improve your cardiovascular health? If yes, then keep reading!

How Do You Start Liking Running?

We have aligned a step-by-step approach to starting liking running. It is not a hard and fast rule to practice running but an easy-to-achieve method to like running.

You can also create a system according to your preference and comfort level.

1. Walk Before You Can Run

Never expect that your body will accept the exhaustion and hard work involved in running. That’s why it is always advised to start with brisk walking. This way, you can prepare your body for the extreme. You have to smartly turn walk breaks into running. For a few days, practice walking and slowly increase the pace. You need to create stamina for yourself that will allow you to run for 30 minutes without breaks.

2. Take Up Smaller Goals

If you decide to run 3 miles on the first day without breaks, it is evident that you will fail to achieve your goal. Hence, your goals must be small in the initial stage. People create their running goals according to speed. The idea of running is not to run fast but to run steadily. It can only happen when you lower your standards and create small achievable goals.

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3. Don’t Overtrain Yourself

It is common to get enthusiastic in the initial days. However, it is important to take ample rest in between. You don’t have to overtrain and exhaust yourself. Before your body is ready to accept the changes, you must not exhaust to the extent that you quit running again. Take small breaks and divide your running journey into a few stops. Taking rest is important to fuel your body with energy, as overtraining will only diminish your stamina.

4. Switch It Up

Running continuously every day will create a factor of boredom and eventually lead you to give it up. Hence, a little change in your routine is extremely important. You can switch from running to hiking or trekking. Switching to an indoor gym is also a great idea to give a change to your body. Keeping your physical activities monotonous will make things pretty difficult for you. So, you must switch it up every now and then.

5.  Track Your Achievements

Tracking your achievements is a great way to keep yourself motivated. There are smart health gears available in the market that will help you track your steps, calories burned, and even heart rate. This way, you can also set goals to improve your running sessions. Tracking your achievements is like getting little rewards for your running.

The Bottom Line

You can learn to love running if you are determined enough to take your health on the right track. It is quite simple to practice running after creating a schedule. In this guide, we have mentioned a step-by-step approach that will provide you with a systematic method.  

Either way, you will end up loving the process. There’s nothing impossible while running, and it is a misconception that only athletes are able to run on a regular basis. Once you have created a schedule, it will become easier for you to master it.

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Chris Zibutis

Chris Zibutis is the Head Running Coach and founder of Joggo – that one person on earth who loves interval runs.  He holds a degree from Copenhagen Business School and is an avid runner – having participated in numerous marathons and triathlons, Chris brings substantial fitness and running experience to the Joggo team.