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Kathy Wise

“I’m on Joggo because I love food and giving it up makes regular diets difficult. After a run I know that I can treat myself and not worry about it. It’s all good, I did my part.”

Maria C. Lewis

“Joggo helps me cope with depression cause now I have a routine to follow. Program just gives me extra boost and motivation to follow through. I don’t need to think that much, I just open it up and I know what to do next.”

John Green


“Joggo is absolutely the best running plan I’ve tried so far. It’s helpful, easy to use, and most importantly—it keeps me motivated to run more. I used to run like a mile every morning, now I can do 3 or 4! The tips provided by Joggo really improved my performance.

Definitely recommend it for both beginners and advanced runners!”

Lester Bullock


“When I used to try running on my own, I always struggled with breathing properly. I started using Joggo because I needed more guidance—I was making so many mistakes without even realizing it!

Right now, I’m running three times a week, about 2 miles each time, and trying to eat healthier. Best decision ever.”

Beth Watson

“I thought I must run every day to lose weight. I was wrong. You need to REEEST! I was close to burning out but Joggo educational pieces really helped me to understand what’s what”

Chris B. Stone


“I’ve been running for over a year now, but I really needed to step up my game before the marathon.

Joggo is great for those who need to tone muscles, increase stamina, and improve running results. I really like how it also gives me tips on proper eating—I haven’t seen that in any other running plan.”

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